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Every business needs a social presence nowadays. Besides providing companies with an excellent platform to reach out to and engage with their customer base, having a strong presence on social networks like Facebook also helps increase search engine visibiltiy.

16 million local business pages have been created as of May 2013, this is a 100% increase from June 2012. If anything this proves that your small business should definitely have a presence on Facebook. However, the questions of how much time you devote to it and how you use it effectively are very different matters.


A Facebook page offers your organization opportunities to connect with the public in a personal way. By "likeing" your page, users have access to updates, discussions and other posts that you upload to your page wall. Unfortunately, this opportunity can become a double-edged sword if you're not careful. Over-posting updates turns users off by cluttering their walls with excess information, while under-posting makes your page seem dull. Strike the ideal balance to entice fans and keep them engaged.


how it works

Setting up your company on Facebook is relatively straight forward. But what’s the next step after these profiles and pages are set up? This is a stumbling block many companies often face: once everything is set up they are not sure what the best way to spread their message is, or how to engage with their audience via these social vehicles.


As a general rule, there a four types of post
you should be making.

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Posting company news and special offers is most likely easy for you or your staff. Curating useful tips and interesting articles can take some time. How much is your time worth hunting down these articles and tips? Or even paying someone on your staff to do it for you? There is a way to delegate this beneficial chore inexpensely.

bwpub Facebook Posting Service

We have a proprietary system and team that goes through and finds the hottest engagement content from all over the US and all the major websites in your business niche. What we do is choose the content people are most engaged in. Then, we duplicate the content within your facebook post. Our goal is to find, sort, and evaluate what is already a successful approach to content to get engaged, and use the very same system to help you enhance your social media presence.

We will post directly to your business facebook page a combination of useful tips and links to interesting articles in your niche - one daily post - Monday through Friday for a low price of $27 per month.


  • Q. How often will you post to my Facebook business page?
    A. One post daily, Monday through Friday.
  • Q. What kind of post can I expect?
    A. See the types of post you should be making to your Facebook business page. We post useful tips and links to interesting articles related to your business niche. Also, be sure to check out our demo Facebook pages of sample post that we will be making to your Facebook business page. Understand the demo page is a ficticious business. They are bare bones and do not have any special formatting on purpose. This is so you can concentrate on the actual post being made.
  • Q. Can you post news about our company? Or post specials discounts we want our customers to know about?
    A. No we will not. Providing this kind of service would dramatically increase our cost which would increase what we would have to charge you. Company news and special discount type post are personal type posts that you as the business owner should be making. Our service supplements your personal posts to keep your customers engaged.
  • Q. What is needed to be done so you can post to my business Facebook page?
    A. You will need to add this Facebook account - Tom Thomas - as an editor to your Facebook business page. We will start publishing content to your page within two business days.
  • Q. Would your system work for my business niche?
    A. Our system works best with Business to Consumer type businesses and not as well with Business to Business type businesses. If your business serves both be aware that most of our tips and links to articles will have a consumer oriented bias. Also see list of business niches we currently serve.
  • Q. What is the payment method for your services?
    A. A recurring payment is through Paypal. You can still use most major credit cards like Master Charge, Visa and Discover with Paypal. We do not need or store any credit card information.
  • Q. If I choose to cancel the service, is that easy to do?
    A. We hope you choose not to cancel, but we understand some will. One reason we choose Paypal as our payment method is Paypal makes it very easy to cancel a recurring payment.



Demo Facebook Page



Current Business Niches Available

  • Pest Control
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Home Improvement
  • Interior Design
  • Landscaping
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Dental Care
  • Massage
  • Skin Care
  • Weddings
  • Weightloss

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